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I'd like to invite ALL appraisers to join the WinTOTAL Users Group [WTUG] list. The WinTOTAL Users Group is an "Unofficial WinTOTAL / Pocket TOTAL email list."   The WinTOTAL Users Group forum is not sponsored by a la mode, inc., and in no way represents a la mode's views, opinions, or technical support of its WinTOTAL or Pocket TOTAL products.

The Users Group is an e-mail and Web based forum of WinTOTAL and Pocket TOTAL usersThe forum is dedicated to the discussion of technical questions, appraisal technology, tips, techniques, and ideas.  While it HELPS if you're a WinTOTAL User . . . .we do have many many members (lurkers) that like to sit back and soak in all of the miscellaneous "brainstorming" that occurs when a 2500+/- appraisers put their minds to it!
The purpose of the WinTOTAL Users Group is to create an online community of real estate appraisers sharing information to help us all become more productive.  The forum does NOT allow soliciting the users for any business purpose.   

The WinTOTAL Users Group is also considered to be a "No-Flame Zone".   Participants can feel free to express their thoughts freely.  The only exception is to that are posts "flaming" (derogatory remarks, etc.) individuals or companies.  Discussions regarding products (pro and con), tech support, AVMs (wink) are fair game!

Come on!  Join the group and have some fun.  You might even learn something!

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